Securing your business is a daunting task that never ends. Absolute Solutions Technology assists organizations in managing the critical links between physical security and IT security, enabling organizations to protect both tangible and intangible assets.

In today’s environment, architects, building designers and owners are challenged with staying current with rapid developments in security technology. Despite an increased interest in security issues and the value offered by early planning, security is too often treated as an afterthought. Breakthroughs in security technology and increased network capabilities have made convergence of physical security technology a natural fit for most organizations.

A successful security design should recognize technological developments and integrate security systems, architectural aspects, and operational factors early in the building or space programming phase. We will help identify characteristics and objectives for security systems in terms of performance and functionality by matching technology with specific security requirements.

A modern security system should leverage network technology to provide economical and efficient use of manpower while offering increased depth of protection. With a myriad of manufacturers, applications and integrators, making the right decision for your particular project can be difficult. Absoteck has the knowledge and experience to match the right security products and vendors to your specific security need. Most importantly, Absoteck will utilize technology to ensure that security measures are practical, budget conscious and commensurate with the perceived risks.


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