Whether planning a data center or cabling a facility, Absoteck can help you ensure your physical infrastructure will remain flexible and adaptable to technology changes that are sure to occur.

It's the least glamorous part of business communications technology -- the conduits and cables hidden behind walls, in floors and above ceilings; unseen by end users. Historically viewed as a “utility”, telecom cabling and supporting conduits were seen as expenses to be minimized. However, with the convergence of voice, data and video communications, the telecommunications physical infrastructure has become a critical link in the delivery of reliable high-performance business services. Moving forward, it will become even more critical, and need to be even more flexible, in order to accommodate constantly increasing transmission speeds and bandwidth requirements.

Absoteck Physical Infrastructure Practice is comprised of professionals who specialize in designing and managing the implementation of the physical infrastructure for new construction, tenant improvements and renovations. We strive to maximize our clients' investment in technology over the span of time they occupy facilities, enabling the seamless integration of voice, data, video and wireless on converged network platforms.

We are expert in:

Structured Cabling Systems Design
We provide a full range of IT infrastructure and Network cable installation services. From single-site to large complex campus environments, we can effectively address your cable design needs for Structured communications cabling systems including copper, fiber and coax horizontal, backbone and riser cabling, cable termination/management, and cable administration.

Wireless Network Design
Absolute Solutions Technology can help you design and deploy wireless technology for your building or campus. Our engineers have expertise in wireless technologies such as DAS, WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP, RFID, VoWLAN, and MIMO, and have designed wireless applications across a broad spectrum of industries and environments.

Implementing or managing a Data Centre, small or large, brings headaches. So we have a vast range of products from which to create unique solutions that answer all your needs.

At Absoteck, our data centre services solutions includes :

Extending the life of your current IT infrastructure to meet increasing demands.

Helping gain greater control of your environment through optimization and virtualization reducing cost and complexity.

Building new scaleable and secure data centers that maximize flexibility for future growth.


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